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FARToons' Tumblr

Howdy ho! My name is Ryan. I am an animator and maintain a web site called that is home to my many web toons. This Tumblr is dedicated to FARToons, as well as my favorite topics such as South Park, Looney Tunes, Tom & Jerry, The Beatles, Trailer Park Boys, The Walking Dead and Will Ferrell. Please be sure to follow me if any of these things interest you!

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Jan 26 '14
Jan 26 '14
Jan 11 '14
"Episode #1 - Regrets, I’ve Jihad A Few"
A Muslim terrorist prepares for an infamous airplane hijacking on September 11th, 2001.

The concept for "Regrets, I’ve Jihad A Few" came from a discussion Willie and I had while driving around one night. Willie started acting out the characters and it made me laugh enough to turn it into a cartoon.

The point of this cartoon was to make terrorists look like normal every day people who are just doing their job. It was not meant to make fun of 9/11 victims. But people are going to look at this however they want so just go ahead and get offended.

Jan 8 '14

A teaser trailer for me and Willie’s new website, Liquor Goblin, featuring new cartoons and videos. Check it out at and like us on Facebook at New cartoons are coming very soon!

Aug 31 '12

The Wish Fish Family - Episode 12 - Here Today, Gone Tumor-row

When Harold is told he only has a week left to live he decides to make a bucket list of everything he wants to do before he dies. With no money to make his wishes come true, he decides to mooch off a former foe. Produced by Ryan Wells.

Dec 22 '11

Merely Meerkats

An adult-themed animated cartoon coming January 2012 to!

Dec 6 '11


Sep 20 '11

Barney the Dinosaur does a PSA on self-esteem. Produced by Ryan Wells.

Sep 18 '11
Sep 17 '11

A commercial for South Park Interactive.


Sep 6 '11

The Wish Fish Family - Episode 1 - “My Son, the Rainbow Fish”

When Harold discovers a dark, disturbing secret about his son all Hell breaks loose in the Wish Fish household. Produced by Ryan Wells.

Sep 6 '11

Barney the Dinosaur - Episode 4 - “Sing-Along Life Lessons”

Barney the Dinosaur does a sing-along PSA on various troubling topics. Produced by Ryan Wells.

Sep 6 '11

The Wish Fish Family - Episode 7 - “The Fish Family”

When Harold loses his job as a wish-granting fish he turns to the booze for comfort. His new addiction leads him to form an unhealthy relationship with his son Junior. Produced by Ryan Wells.

Sep 6 '11

The Wish Fish Family - Episode 6 - “A Thin Line Between Hate and Hate”

When Wishing Well Inc. decides to take affirmative action, Harold is forced to decide between hiring two minorities. Produced by Ryan Wells.

Sep 3 '11

The Wish Fish Family - Episode 8 - “Southern Fried Fish”

Harold is stoked to join the Ku Klux Klan but his membership is revoked when they discover his son is a homosexual. Produced by Ryan Wells.