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Howdy ho! My name is Ryan. I am an animator and maintain a web site called that is home to my many web toons. This Tumblr is dedicated to FARToons, as well as my favorite topics such as South Park, Looney Tunes, Tom & Jerry, The Beatles, Trailer Park Boys, The Walking Dead and Will Ferrell. Please be sure to follow me if any of these things interest you!

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Mar 11 '12

Looney Tunes - “Buccaneer Bunny” - Friz Freleng - HD Captures by Ryan Wells

Bugs Bunny & Yosemite Sam

FARToons Blog

Feb 15 '12

Looney Tunes - “A Pest in the House” - Chuck Jones - HD Captures by Ryan Wells

Daffy Duck & Elmer Fudd

FARToons Blog

Jan 17 '12

The Wish Fish Family - Episode #9 - Eat Shit N’ Dine

Still out of work, Harold decides to start a business venture based on the aftermath of an unusual medical procedure.

'The Wish Fish Family' is intended for viewers with a sick and twisted sense of humor. If you are easily offended DO NOT continue forward. You will be subjected to sex, vulgarity and racism in the form of experimental comedy. This cartoon does not reflect the opinion of its creator and pushes the boundaries of free speech on the internet.

Harold is just your average, everyday racist, abusive, controlling fish father with a cliché stay-at-home housewife, homosexual teenage son, and intruding duck neighbor. Join The Wish Fish Family in the web toon that will have you wishing for more!


Dec 25 '11

Merely Meerkats - Pilot Episode - “You Booze, You Lose”

Floyd and Ferdy get extremely wasted on scorpion venom at a night club and are kicked out. The two roommates bet to see who can go the longest without drinking. Floyd has no problem staying off the wagon while Ferdy becomes a total wreck without booze in his life.

  • Created by Ryan Wells & Ben Triola
  • Produced by Ryan Wells
  • Co-Produced by Ben Triola
  • Written & Developed by Ryan Wells
  • Animated, Designed & Edited by by Ryan Wells
  • Voices by Ryan Wells
  • Philip Hayes as The Narrator
  • Carol Mertz as Serfina


Sep 23 '11

South Park: Episode 1312 Screen Captures

Captured by Ryan Wells (

Sep 21 '11

Ostrich, Hippo & Jesus on Grass - Series 1 - Comics 11-18

Sep 20 '11

McGruff the Crime Dog does a commercial on how to deal with bullies. Produced by Ryan Wells.

Sep 20 '11

Ostrich, Hippo & Jesus on Grass - Series 1 - Comics 1-10

Sep 18 '11

A music video tribute to Wile E. Coyote featuring the song “I Get Knocked Down” by Chumbawamba. Edited by Ryan Wells.

Sep 18 '11
Sep 18 '11

A fan-edited musical tribute to legendary ‘Looney Tunes’ animation director Chuck Jones. Edited by Ryan Wells.

Sep 17 '11

Mr. Doodlebop is the host of a children’s show who was recently diagnosed with terminal brain cancer. He copes with his disease in this very special episode. Produced by Ryan Wells.

Sep 17 '11

A secret look into the real lives of the Teletubbies in only a way that Ryan could document. Produced by Ryan Wells.

Sep 7 '11

The Wish Fish Family - Episode 2 - My Two Sons

Junior feels left out when Harold starts to form a father-son bond with his best friend Duck Bill. Produced by Ryan Wells.

Sep 6 '11

The Wish Fish Family - Episode 1 - “My Son, the Rainbow Fish”

When Harold discovers a dark, disturbing secret about his son all Hell breaks loose in the Wish Fish household. Produced by Ryan Wells.