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FARToons' Tumblr

Howdy ho! My name is Ryan. I am an animator and maintain a web site called that is home to my many web toons. This Tumblr is dedicated to FARToons, as well as my favorite topics such as South Park, Looney Tunes, Tom & Jerry, The Beatles, Trailer Park Boys, The Walking Dead and Will Ferrell. Please be sure to follow me if any of these things interest you!

Posts tagged parodies

Sep 20 '11

McGruff the Crime Dog does a commercial on how to deal with bullies. Produced by Ryan Wells.

Sep 20 '11

Barney the Dinosaur does a PSA on self-esteem. Produced by Ryan Wells.

Sep 17 '11

Mr. Doodlebop is the host of a children’s show who was recently diagnosed with terminal brain cancer. He copes with his disease in this very special episode. Produced by Ryan Wells.

Sep 17 '11

A secret look into the real lives of the Teletubbies in only a way that Ryan could document. Produced by Ryan Wells.

Sep 7 '11

The Wish Fish Family - Episode 2 - My Two Sons

Junior feels left out when Harold starts to form a father-son bond with his best friend Duck Bill. Produced by Ryan Wells.

Sep 6 '11

Barney the Dinosaur - Episode 4 - “Sing-Along Life Lessons”

Barney the Dinosaur does a sing-along PSA on various troubling topics. Produced by Ryan Wells.